About Us

Ishara Nepal is a local non-profitable and social welfare organization. Established in 2017 response to regeneration and alleviate the earthquake 2015 victims families and children alongside to support the extremely poverty children and their families in remote and deprived area on their most basic rights – food, education, childcare, lifestyles, elder age, cultures, healthcare, environment, wellness, gender equality, orphan help, youth mobilization, social awareness, rural community development,  ..

Through our community-based efforts focused on improve basic education, empowering women,our aims are to pursue long term projects in the fields of education, healthcare, support community, agriculture,and basic amenities with the community.

This catastrophe earthquake left many orphaned and families in impoverished condition as their livelihoods.   We are committed to providing them education safety, health and happiness in a nurturing home environment

  • Our Partners and Donors

    Our partners Partner Means working together to create active relationships that allow both organizations to achieve greater outcomes together.Our Partners are industry –leading pioneers, entrepreneurs, freethinkers, Movers, and shaker- those…

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  • Who We Are

    Who We Are Ishara Nepal’s mission is to achieve reforms in education, poverty, health and sanitation, empowerment of women, various youth clubs, vocational skills, and training programs so as to uplift…

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