Fundraising Tips

Challenge yourself to make a difference. Here are some tips on how to achieve your fundraising goal.

Ideas for Fundraising Events

  • Hold a stall. Sell cakes, books, craft ……
  • Have a competition. Best cheesecake, yummiest conserve, funniest hairstyle  …..
  • Hold an event. Trivia night, talent quest, karaoke …….

Or you can use an occasion to spur people to give online.

Tips for a Great Online Fundraiser

Choose your angle

It’s my birthday! I visited Nepal and they need our help. I’m climbing a mountain. We’re getting married. I want to make a difference. I want to help.

Set a goal

Decide what your target is and set a time in which you would like to reach it.

Personalise your page

Post photos of you on your page. Photos of your visit to the country or project would be great. Share your story in 200 words or less. This will generate the support  you need to get you well on your way to reaching your goal.

Use Facebook and other social media

It is easy to link to your page through your Facebook feed. Twitter, Instagram and others can help get your message out to your friends. Send out new info on your cause from time to time to remind people of what you are doing. Post often.

Send a personal email

Emails to friends and family will be vital to your fundraising efforts. Get in touch with everyone you know who cares about the destination or project you are supporting. Emails can feel far more personal to the recipient than social media.

Make a donation

Why not make a donation to move things along? By backing your cause you will inspire others to support your efforts too.

Be different

Why not dare yourself to do something crazy when you reach your target – offer to do something outlandish. Or offer to go without something until the total is achieved.

Make an event of it!

Host an event or competition – cake stall, trivia night, or a special lunch at work and ask people to donate. This is a great way to boost your final total and have fun at the same time. Check out this page for ideas others have used.

How to collect the donations

If you are holding a cash event you simply bank the money and donate it online through our site. Use the comments box to fill us in about who you are and what you have done. We love to hear your stories. Photos of the event would be great, too. Contact us.

If you want to collect online donations you can use our site (we charge no commission or fees) . We can put it up for you within a couple of days. All we need are some high-res photos, a catchy page name and up to 200 words of explanation of what you are doing and who it is for. Here’s an example: Sally Arnold’s page.

We are here to help with ideas and feedback. Just ask – contact us