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Through our community Based efforts focused on helps people in the poorest communities families send their children to school ,to improve their health, empowering women, help people learn skills and increase access to clean water and sanitation .

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Give a Gift of lasting Change and help poorest Communities families in remote and deprived areas

  • School fees for English-medium boarding schools in Kathmandu;
  • Medical costs for regular check-ups, illness and emergency injury;
  • Hygiene and toiletries for the students, including toothbrushes, soap, feminine products, etc.;
  • School supplies for the students, such as books, pens, notebooks, binders, backpacks, etc.;
  • Maintenance costs  food, water, furniture, which is home to the students in grade 10 and below during school breaks and the full-time home for students in junior college (grades 11&12);
  • Clothing expenses for all students, including school uniforms, everyday wear and holiday gifts;
  • Costs for enrichment programs such as workshops, guest speakers, and field trips.

College and University fees for the students in our programs studying in

  • Transportation costs for our staff, to travel to these remote, rural areas and check in with the DCI and REEP students.


Your contribution is tax-deductible as described on your receipt and to the extent allowed by law.

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